The Boats 4 Causes® Story

Boats 4 Causes® is a registered trademark of Cars 4 Causes®. Cars 4 Causes® originated out of a desire to help fund youth education through car donations. Along the road to achieving this one charitable goal, we began receiving calls from potential donors inquiring if would accept boats donations as well. Since listening to our donors had always been an important part of how we improved our charity, we agreed that boats could provide an additional source of proceeds to help fund our youth oriented causes or the charitable organizations, schools and religious organizations chosen by our donors that support all sorts of causes that were near and dear to our donors' hearts. We accepted our 1st boat donation; a 1974 14' sailboat (shown above) and subsequently hired and trained boat experts to handle these types of donations. We then created the Boats 4 Causes® logo and trademark and began accepting all sorts of boat donations from around the US. To date, we've processed more than 150,000 vehicle and boat donations, and supported more than 16,500 non-profit organizations throughout the United States. Proudly, we have become an important part of a wonderful community of charities and the people who make them possible.

In 2012, we surpassed $120 million in donations received since our inception. While we support several well-known charities, the majority of Cars 4 Causes® Supported Charities is comprised of smaller organizations with a limited donor base that rely on vehicle and boat donation proceeds for a significant portion of their charitable funding needs. Boats 4 Causes® and Cars 4 Causes® are proud of what we have accomplished and recognize that we still have lots of work to do. Your success feeds our desire to help, because simply put, "It Feels Good Helping Others." ®

To learn more about our charity, Cars 4 Causes®, and the other types of donations we accept and charities we support, visit the Cars 4 Causes® website at

Our Mission


We support and honor all charitable causes. Commonly known as the "Charity That Gives To Charities"® we serve the charitable community by sharing our resources with youth oriented organizations, as well as supporting other non-profit, educational and religious groups and the myriad of causes they believe in and work for. more....