• Local towing at no cost to you.
  • Tax deductible. Email & paper receipts.
  • Simple online donation form.
  • No paperwork for you.
  • Free coupons 4 charity DETAILS.

How to Donate Your Boat

Donating your boat to Boats 4 Causes® is as easy as 1-2-3. Our simple process is explained below.

Call Us or Donate Your Boat Online

Call our toll free number or fill out the online form. If you fill out the online form, a boat donation specialist will contact you within 1 business day and in most cases within minutes of clicking the "submit" button.

We Make the Arrangements

After discussing the details of your boat, like the type, size, condition, accessories, as well as reviewing the required items listed below, we will determine the best way to handle your boat donation. In some cases we will tow it to one of our sales lots, or, most of our donors prefer that we sell it from its current location, as more money goes to charity. Either way, the boat will be moved from your property, slip or storage facility.

We will require that you send or email us some details about your boat:

  1. 1. recent photos,
  2. 2. a description of your boat and all of its equipment and accessories (we'll provide a multiple choice checklist for you to make this step easy and painless), and
  3. 3. your title or boat registration.

Once we have everything we need we will find the right home for your boat. We'll handle all the details necessary in this transaction including processing the DMV paperwork. If your boat is sold from its current location, NO ONE WILL EVER CONTACT YOU OR COME BY TO VIEW THE BOAT.

If your boat is sold from its current location, we will hold a 7-day auction at the end of which, your boat WILL be sold. We will work with the new buyer, in some cases the dockmaster, to coordinate the transfer and pick-up of your boat.

Receive a Tax Receipt

Once your boat has been sold, we'll send you a tax receipt for the full amount that the boat was sold for.

It couldn't be easier!
If there is anything else you need to know about our process, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions or call one of our friendly boat donation specialists at 888-311-3529

Recently Sold Donated Vessels


Hear what past donors are saying about our simple, hassle-free process:

During my time of grief, Boats 4 Causes® handled everything for me. Thank you Boats 4 Causes.

Mrs. Celia Rocha

Thanks to Boats 4 Causes®, we became friends with the new owners. Now we visit them on our old boat, but we no longer have to pay the slip fees!

Dennis Norcutt

Boats 4 Causes® assisted me with all the paperwork. They were a huge help to me. Thanks Boats 4 Causes.

Tamara Schillberger