Boat Donation FAQ's


  • What kind of boat or vessel will Boats 4 Causes® accept as a donation?
    We accept many kinds of boats and personal watercraft as a donation. This includes, but is not limited to yachts, sailboats, powerboats, fishing boats, commercial boats, SeaDoos, jet skis, canoes, kayaks, paddleboats and more! If you aren't sure if we will accept it, please call us at 888-311-3529 or Live Chat! and speak to one of our friendly donation specialists
  • I am not comfortable giving my signed title away without anything in return.
    If we tow your vessel from its current location we will provide you with a pick-up receipt for your donation. If your vessel is being sold from its current location (known as our S-O-S Program) a signed Charitable Transfer Agreement is preferred evidencing your donation and detailing our responsibilities related to processing and selling your donated vehicle.
  • How long does this process take to complete?
    Once we receive all of the information needed regarding your donated vessel, including the completed donor inventory sheet, pictures, transferrable title paperwork, and, preferrably, a signed Charitable Transfer Agreement (if your vessel is being sold from its current location through our S-O-S Program), the majority of our donated boats sell within two weeks.
  • What do you need from me?
    We will need a completed donor inventory sheet, pictures and title paperwork.
  • Will there be a reserve?
    Every boat donation is different and appeals to a different buyer type. In certain instances, we may use an auction reserve to attract the right buyer for your boat donation.
  • How much will my tax write-off be?
    The amount that is tax deductible is the sale amount of the vessel. For more information on tax write-offs, read the IRS information on vehicle donations. Everyone's tax situation is different, so consult with your tax professional to determine how you can benefit.
  • When do I get a donation receipt?
    After the vessel sells.
  • Do you take any boat, running or not?
    We try to accept all boats, running or not, provided that we believe, at the time of your donation, that the vessel, in its current condition, has a value in excess of $500.
  • How do you sell the boat?
    Through our online auctions or at one of our sales locations.
  • Can I share the proceeds with another charity of my choice?
    Absolutely! To date, we have shared proceeds with more than 18,000 charitable organizations, many of which were selected by donors such as yourself. We are dedicated to offering an avenue for people to contribute and support their interests. You will be donating your vehicle to Boats 4 Causes,® however, our program is unique in that we allow our donors to direct a substantial portion of the proceeds to benefit any qualifying non-profit organization of their choice. If you select an additional charity, 70% of the net proceeds from the sale of your donation will be shared with the charity of your choice and the rest will go to support Cars 4 Causes® youth oriented charity programs.
  • If you're going to sell my vessel from its current location, why don't I just sell it myself?
    Many of our donors have tried to sell their own boats with little success. Boats 4 Causes is a national brand, and as such, our boat auctions are followed by thousands of prospective buyers within several boating communities throughout the United States. We are a trusted and recognized name in the world of boat auctions and buyers feel confident that by bidding on a Boats 4 Causes vessel, they will receive a fair and honest deal. When an individual tries to sell their own vessel, they usually find that they receive few, if any, bids on their auction. The reason for this is as follows: 1) you are selling a single vessel and competing for buyers with hundreds of others just like you; your auction listing may get lost in the crowd. Nobody is looking for it and most likely no one will see it. At Boats 4 Causes, interested boat buyers from around the world monitor our website daily for our boat auction listings. 2) Since you are probably not in the business of selling boats and you only have one listing, the boat buying community does not recognize you and is not willing to take the risk of transacting business for such a large purchase with someone they do not know.
  • What paperwork do I need to donate a vessel?

    You will need to provide proof of ownership of the vehicle you wish to donate. Even if you do not have a certificate of title or a registration card, we still may be able to accept your donation. Please contact us at 888-311-3529, or via LiveChat to go over the different options that may be available to you.

    Examples of items Boats 4 Causes® can use to verify proof of ownership:

    Certificate of Title;

    Registration Card;

    Registration Renewal Notice;

    License Plate Number;

    Recent Insurance Card;

    Hull Identification Number (HIN#)

  • I'm ready to donate. What do I do now?
    You may call our office at 888-311-3529 or click here and fill out an online boat donation form. If you submit your boat donation form during business hours, we will call you shortly after receiving your submitted boat donation form. Otherwise, if your online boat donation form is submitted after business hours, we will contact you on the next business day.
  • What costs are deducted from the sales price of my donated vehicle to determine "net proceeds"?
    Costs that may be deducted from the gross sales price of each boat/watercraft include, but are not limited to, towing costs, repair costs, marketing fees, auction and/or sales fees, storage fees, slip fees, title processing/documentation fees, survey costs, and administrative expenses. Please see the Cars 4 Causes Get The Most page to read more.
  • I have other questions - can you help me?
    Yes! Please contact us via Live Chat or call our office at 888-311-3529 to speak to one of our friendly donation specialists who will do their best to answer any questions you may have and help you to complete your donation.

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